„The play is everywhere“ introduces the experience of the world-wide inner urge to play football, the same rules and the same passion are involved the world over. … It makes no difference whether the footage was shot at major qualifying matches for the upcoming World Cup or on ordinary streets and playing fields. All players involved share the same primal emotions; evident are the same boundless passion and the same team spirit, and the same rules apply for both childen and adults, in Europe and in other parts of the world. An unusual segment of the film, shot in the locker room of a major club in South Africa, shows the ritual dances of the players before an important match. Nothing of this kind has ever been seen before. The players begin by stomping their feet, clapping and singing, then stand quietly in prayer and finish with the joyful cry „We will win!“


Ingeborg Lüscher 2006



the play is everywhere, 2004 – 2006




Betacam, colour, sound, 10 min 10 sec, loop


Concept and direction: Ingeborg Lüscher

Organisation: Simon Chaput and Una Szeemann

Organisation of games: Erwin Zogg

Camera: Aufdi Aufdermauer, Lukas Gähwiler

Camera Switzerland: tpc tv Produktionscenter

Camera Tibet: Arnold Thomas Kroeigaard, Rasmus Dinesen

Editing: Lukas Gähwiler

Sound: Hanspeter Gutjahr

Technical realisation: videocompany.ch

Production: Ingeborg Lüscher

Distribution: videoart.ch


With the support of Nationale DFB Kulturstiftung WM 2006 gGmbh


Thanks to
Andre Heller, Wien, Artevent GmbH, Wien, Volker Bartsch, Berlin, Agnes Wegner, Berlin, John Layne, Johannesburg, Swetlana Meshkowa, Berlin, Karin Wegmüller, Basel, Verena Palella, Locarno, Grazilla Hug Paladorio, Bellicon Juliette Duka, Gordevio, Stefania Beretta, Dona de Carli, Aldina Crespi, Silvio Alberti, Aarau

One copy:

Stiftung Situation Kunst, Ruhr-Universität Bochumn, 2021



Museum Wiesbaden 2006. National Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow 2006. Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf 2008.



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