These modest, almost tiny works make a statement of discretion and tact and, at the same time, power and depth. The little boxes are in various states of openness or closedness. The theme they encapsulate is containment; the border between openness and closedness becomes another of the paradoxical interfaces of above and below, up and down, inside and outside, open and closed.


Thomas McEvilley 1995



Untitled, 1994


Ohne Titel, 1994


Sulphur, glue, sawdust and plaster on jute over cardboard box

25.5 x 47 x 24 cm

Archive number S/S 17

Stiftung Situation Kunst, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 2021



Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia 1995

Galerie Hans Mayer,

Düsseldorf 1997

Passage de Retz, Paris 1997

Ausstellungshalle Kraft,

Basel 2008



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Moore College of Art and Design

Installation Philadelphia 1995

(front table from the left: IL740, IL739, IL735, IL747)