Pictorially, a difficult or tempestuous mating seems to be going on. The fuming, incandescent yellow of the sulfur and the retreating, elusive black of the painted ash represent a duality that is not confrontational so much as complementary, or even complicit in its luminescent brightness, which seems to incarnate color or emit light, the sulfur suggests a force that is buoyant and upward, striving and active; meanwhile, the deep brooding dark of the ashen black sinks downward – relaxing, letting go, dissolving will into a difficult receptivity. 


Thomas McEvilley 1995



Untitled, 1993

Ohne Titel, 1993


Sulphur, glue, ashes and acrylic on jute over wood

215 x 115 x 5 cm

Signed and dated  I. Lüscher 1993

Archive number B 97

Private Collection



The artist

(Goldie Paley Gallery, Philadelphia)



Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia 1995



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Moore College of Art and Design (left painting)