Openness to the world – that is the most intimate and at the same time precise designation for the spirit and mode of this art. And in fact no work will be found that fits in with the art-about-art-scheme as became classical for the modernism-loving 20th century.


Hans-Joachim Müller 2016



IL942.1 – IL942.21


The Untamable Lines and the Wide Field, 2015

Die unbezähmbaren Linien und das weite Feld, 2015


Series of 21 photographs

Digital prints

21 units, each 42 x 29,7 cm

Verso I. Lüscher 2015

Kunstmuseum Solothurn, 2016

(5 units)

Stiftung Situation Kunst, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 2021



Galerie Campagne Première, Berlin 2016

Kunstmuseum Solothurn 2016



Solothurn 2016, pp 215-221 (ill)



Vögele 2016, p 18 (ill)


Dona De Carli