Whenever something catches Lüschers vivid imagination, the result will be a new series of work. Like now: She wants to make the miracle of lichens tangible, visible – for herself and maybe for others. Her way of working is slow, precise and patient. She studies the structures, small as a dewdrop: are they simply sprawling colonies? Or compositions of nature setting free the laws of beauty? To catch the hidden answers in photography, Lüscher has to experiment with light and shadow, distances and focusing. Hundreds of shots are being executed, examined, discarded, evaluated until she arrives to her selection. No manipulation, no cropping: her respect for nature is too great for that. And nature rewards her generosity: magnified by a factor of over one hundred, the lichens reveal the wonder of their forms and colours. The granite becomes an enigmatic, dark ground: glistening blossoms glide across it. Or are they a magical flora, the stars of unknown heavens, islands in bloom? Concepts like micro- and macrocosmos become interchangeable.




Annemarie Monteil 2012

IL939.1 – IL939.16


300 Million Years, 2014

300 Millionen Jahre, 2014


Series of 16 photographs

Inkjet print (latex on fotopaper), brackets
16 units, each 175.5 x 116 cm

Verso I. Lüscher 2014

Edition of three plus one artist proof

Private collections

Stiftung Situation Kunst, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, 2021



Galerie Campagne Première, Berlin 2014   

Kunstmuseum Solothurn 2016



Solothurn 2016, pp 48-57 (ill)



Monteil 2012


See no 932, edition no 933 

and object no 938