The work has its origin in the daily walks Ingeborg Lüscher takes in Ticino, between Tegna and Losone.  Upon the soft curves of the weathered granite boulders, Lüscher’s alert eye discovered tiny, intricate formations of a delicately beautiful colour: lichens, to be found only in this one place, on a high plateau along her path. Her fascination grew when she learned that lichens are forms of symbiotic communities between algae and fungi and have survived for over 300 million years of cold and heat. The more intense her interest became, the more she started to link these traces of primordial growth with a statement by the atomic physicist Werner Heisenberg, one that has long interested her: „The first drink from the beaker of science transforms you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the beaker God is waiting. (Der erste Trunk aus dem Becher der Naturwissenschaft macht atheistisch, aber auf dem Grunde des Bechers wartet Gott).“


Annemarie Monteil 2012



On The Road, 2011

Unterwegs, 2011


Inkjet print (latex on fotopaper), mounted on Forex

150 x 100 cm

Verso I. Lüscher 2011

Edition of five plus three artist’s proofs

Private collections



The artist

(Galerie Gisèle Linder)



Galerie Gisèle Linder, Basel 2012



Monteil 2012


See edition no 935, photography no 939 and object no 945