In the series „Meereskugel (Ocean globe)“ – as in her video films she started to make in 1999 – Ingeborg Lüscher chose to take that part of the director. Perhaps the more distanced position of the director – as she heartlessly abandons the sulphur-yellow Meereskugel to the mercy of the breakers – also allows her to select the most meaningful images. Whatever the case, the photographs that result from that game prove to be profoundly affecting metaphors.




Christoph Vögele 2016

IL802.1 – IL802.15


Ocean Globe, 1995

Meereskugel, 1995


Series of 15 photographs

Kodachrome on aluminium

15 units, each 70.5 x 101 x 2 cm

One artist proof 87 x 125,5 x 2 cm

Verso  I. Lüscher 1995

Archive numbers GMK I – GMK XV


One unit: Regina Wyrwoll, München

One unit: DZ Bank Frankfurt



The artist

(Galerie Marianne Grob)



Finca El Cabrito, San Sebastian de La Gomera 1999



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