In 1986 and shortly after having discovered sulphur flour as artistic material, Ingeborg Lüscher and her daughter Una take a trip to the volcanic Solfatara crater in the region of Naples in Italy. The gas and steam fumaroles with their sulphurous vapors and minerals would enrich her thoughts and her artistic experience around the new and extraordinary natural substance.


Renate Petzinger 1993






The Eyes of the Solfatara, 1986

Die Augen der Solfatara, 1986

Gli occhi della solfatara, 1986


Sulphured stones

2 stones each 16 x 20 cm

2 stones each 8 x 8 cm



Galerie Elisabeth Kaufmann,

Zürich 1986

Castello Svevo, Bari 1986



Bari 1986, no 24 (ill)

Wiesbaden 1993, p 103


See text and photography no 450