The suggestive video FUSION, originated from Ingeborg Lüscher’s artistic and human sensitivity, seems to provide a critical path aimed at highlighting a real genetic modification of soccer. Players that are no longer players, that lose their sports identity to become upwardly-mobile managers, actors of a ritual pantomime, in which they follow a script which pitilessly requires them to be dressed up like successful and powerful men. No colored jerseys, no numbers on the back, no canonical trunks. Even the ball, primary item of the game-sport sacredness, turns – through mockin fade-outs – into the symbol of power and money.



Bruno Pizzul 2001



Fusion, 2002


Outdoor installation

Tecnovision LED wall of a football stadium

Video, 8 min 30 sec, colour, sound, HD, Italian version



Stadio Giuseppe Meazza di San Siro, Milano, May 22, 2002



Milano 2001



Oberschelp 2001 a