„Das muss man doch vorher besprechen … „

„Was für eine schöne Geranie …“

„Genau so einen Kasten

habe ich auch …“


A series of postcards shows  three photos of a little girl, posing for the camera on frontside and three quotes from an unknown person on reverse.


The cards are inserted in Berlin, Gordevio and Tegna and sent to friends of the artist all over the world. They cause irritations as it is not easy to solve the riddle behind:


The child is the artist’s daughter Una (by 1999 based in Berlin), the quotes come from Lüschers mother Edith, then suffering from dementia and living in a care home in Gordevio, while the artist’s home is Tegna.




Una / Oni 1999


Postcards (front: photographs from 1981, reverse: texts from 1999)

3 cards, each 11.8 x 17.6 cm

Editor: the artist

Number of copies: 1000, stamped in Berlin, Gordevio and Tegna



MART Rovereto 2004



Rovereto 2004, pp 174-175 (ill)



Herzog 1999, pp 112-113 (ill)