Light in the Pond, 1967

Licht im Tümpel, 1967


Polystyrene on wood

40.5 x 67 cm


Not illustrated



Travel to Israel, 1967

Israelfahrt, 1967


Tempera on polystyrene

Dimensions unknown


Not illustrated

IL029.1 – IL029.3


Untitled (scorched paintings), 1967

Ohne Titel (Brennbilder), 1967


Collage, enamel and acrylic

(orange, grey, yellow) on paper

Three units, each 57 x 44 cm


The Estate of Edith Löffler, Tegna



The artist

Edith Löffler, Berlin



Wiesbaden 1993, p 82, no 19,

20 and 21


Not illustrated