For Ingeborg Lüscher art is a way of life and an endless variable opportunity to tell of a liveable life. Of an inexaustibly rich stay in the world between Eros and death.


Kunst ist für Ingeborg Lüscher eine Weise des Lebens und eine unendlich variable Möglichkeit, vom lebbaren Leben zu erzählen. Vom unerschöpflich reichen Weltaufenthalt zwischen Eros und Tod.


Hans-Joachim Müller 2016


The aim of this site is to provide information for the general public, the art world and academic researchers about the work of art by Ingeborg Lüscher.


You are invited to explore her digital Catalogue Raisonné, including paintings and sculptures, objects and installations, photography and videos, and to discover such unusual artistic materials as cigarette stubs, sulphur-flower or thousands of pieces of fragrant soap.


Compiling the information for this Catalogue Raisonné was the result of four years of scholarly research, provided by Renate Petzinger in close cooperation with Ingeborg Lüscher between 2015 and 2018.


The information is based on a first list of works from the years 1949 – 1992, published by Volker Rattemeyer in the catalogue for the exhibition „Ingeborg Lüscher“ at Museum Wiesbaden 1993. In addition, our thanks go to all people who between 2015 and 2018 generously shared with us their knowledge about the artist’s works.


Completed by September 2018, our efforts ended up in a total of 2,732 works with 948 numbers and 1,784 subnumbers, the latter given for serial works and for some addenda.


An overview of all works is presented as a PDF with a chronological worklist, providing the number of each work, potential subnumbers, the title, the year of realization and the respective work category.



Work categories


To offer our visitors a quick and simple tool for their individual search, Ingeborg Lüscher’s whole body of work is listed under the following twelve work categories:


·   Early works

·   Works with stubs

·   Sculptures+Flags

·   Editions+Multiples

·   Photography

·   Objects

·   Installations

·   Paintings of the 1980ies

·   Large Sulphur paintings

·   Sulphur sculptures

·   Small Sulphur paintings

·   Videos


These work categories are part of the „home“ menu.


Click one of them and find an overview of images with the numbers of all works within this category. Click one of the images and you arrive directly on the page of the respective work. In case, no image could be provided, the numbers of several works are summarized under one thumbnail.



Number and order


The number of each work includes Ingeborg Lüscher’s initials IL plus one of the three digits from 001 to 948 (to be continued). The order is chronological, sorted by year and, if possible, by month or day.


For series of works and for some addenda the numbers IL001 – IL948 are augmented by subnumbers.  For example: The photographic series „Documentation about A. S.“ includes 169 photographs with the numbers IL279.001 – IL279.169.





Titles are mostly given in English and German, sometimes completed by an original title in Italian or French.



Basic information about the works


Basic information about the works includes all known materials, the dimensions in cm, known inscriptions (date, signature and sometimes personal dedications) and the names or the collections of present owners and their provenance. If not indicated otherwise, the works are part of the collection of the artist herself.





The exhibition list includes place, city and year of all known exhibitions, the work has been displayed in. For more details see the solo and group exhibition lists under „Life“.





The catalogue list includes the city, the year of publication, known page numbers and infos about an illustration (ill). For more details see the catalogue lists under „Bibliography“.





The list of texts includes the author’s names and the print year of all known articles and essays with information about the respective work or the work category, published in catalogues, monographs or periodicals. Known page numbers and infos about an illustration (ill) are included, as well. For more information see the list of authors and years under „Bibliography“.





If possible, all works of art are illustrated by one or more photographs. Works without photographs are summarized on pages with 2 – 4 items.


All known photographers are mentioned on the page of the reproduced image. Photographs without the name of a photographer are taken by Ingeborg Lüscher herself or on behalf of her studio.





Short quotes by the artist or by renown critics explain the ideas and/or the origin of many of the works. For more information see the list of authors under „Bibliography“.